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Change up your energy

with the power of crystals

On my spiritual journey I discovered crystals as a wonderful tool to help me check in with myself. I felt drawn to carry them with me but couldn't find a lot of crystal necklaces that went with my style. So I came up with Hidden Gems; silver (gold-plated) necklaces with freshwater pearls and interchangeable crystal bridges hidden in the lock. The crystals I have chosen for this first collection are some of my favorite crystals to work with and wear.


Every Hidden Gems necklace comes with 3 crystal bridges and info cards about the properties of the crystals. When picking your crystals I advice you to let the qualities guide you – rather than how they look.

The freshwater pearls are real and cultivated mainly in China and Japan. I cleanse and prepare the crystals for you. I recommend that you to set an intention for each crystal bridge – to invite the quality of the crystals into your life.

Crystals carry energy so it is important to regularly cleans the crystal bridges – use Palo Santo or place them in the sun light or full moon. Every Hidden Gems necklace comes with Palo Santo and a smudging guide.

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