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Handcrafted silver necklace with freshwater pearls & interchangeable "crystal bridges" hidden in the lock. Working with freshwater pearls means that every necklace is unique. Each necklace comes a little info about the crystals and their healing properties.


Choose 3 crystal bridges:

Balance · rainbow fluorite
Calm · amethyst
Clarity · clear quartz
Communication · kyanite
Confidence · citrine
Courage · aquamarine
Grounding · smoky quartz
Inner peace · blue lace agate
Intuition · labradorite
(Self)love · rose quartz


How to choose? Don't think too much about it, just choose the 3 qualities that you initially feel drawn too. 

STILLE · gold

100,00 €Price
  • Materials: freshwater pearls, sterling silver, crystals.


    Care: the necklace can withstand water, but will keep better if you don't wear it when you shower or swim. The string of pearls and crystal bridges shouldn't be bend and are therefore best kept hanging or in the box you receive it in.

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